Manar Alriyadh (Workshop) is a creative studio working in the creative design and web development industry. This is an independent company founded and run by professional team and In cooperation with the big agencies . The team is comprised of some programmers and some of designers, all engaging, skilled, committed and highly competent personas with more than 6 years of experience in their fields of interest: "We understand design, we have strong values, we believe in using clean, maintainable code in all our work. Our personal goal, and biggest passion is to bring the two most important segments (functionality and good design) together in each one of our projects. Besides developing websites we have tons of experience in creating corporate identity (logo and stationery design), brochures and prints, etc." And yes, this is exactly how the Manar Alriyadh media looks like. When designing this website artway's designers wanted the users to get the authentic feel of this creative studio. This is the place where all Manar Alriyadh media members spend most of their time, enjoying their work and challenges of each new project.



Contact Info

Tel.: +966 1 292 77 79
Fax: +966 1 292 77 78
P.O.Box: 28382 Riyadh 11437
Email: info@manar-alriyadh.com